africa rise and shine

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Africa Rise&Shine

  • Release date: 21st December 2017
  • Label: Myoozika
  • Catalog #: ARS001


  1. 1

    Africa Rise&Shine Song Various Artists

  2. 2

    Sky is the Limit Seh Calaz, Shon Wyz 256, Nick Kuraz, Ngonie Kambarami, Lady Squanda

  3. 3

    Sanni Makhalima, Boom Betto, Faceless, Babaoo - Dancehall Kid, Nyce

  4. 4

    Stunner, Pah Chihera, Shinsoman, Rhona Salame, Andy Muridzo, Serah K

  5. 5

    Nox, King Shaddy, Ninja Lipsy, Temperature, Blessed Zikali aka 8L, Munnya

  6. 6

    Betty Rainha, Tally B, Terry Africa

  7. 7

    Africa Rise&Shine Chorus by Trevor Dongo


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